Baker ...

I would kill to get my hands on a baker's rack like this ... what a great place to stack props?

Kelly McGuill


  1. I used to work in a bakery...I should have stolen one when I had the chance haha! Just kiddin' :)

  2. I would love one too but have so far been frustrated in my search! Just abut anything would look beautiful stacked on there.
    Clare x

  3. hi emma,
    i just purchased one... wish i could ship it right on over to you... have a lovely week... pam

  4. oh I love it! and are there two I spy?

  5. oh me too! It is lovely!!!

  6. hi i'm kelly mcguill and i was delighted to see this image on your blog. I love your site. the rack is a vintage shoe rack, used for drying the base of the shoe to the tops. I picked it up in brimfield at the 3x's annual Antiques fair. I paid $40 about 6 years ago,they now go for anywhere from $100 on up. I have one in my office that i use for papers, files, etc. thanks again. best, kelly

  7. The house looks very clean and neat foe a resident baker.

  8. I love the old look of the baker’s rack, it looks very organic.

  9. * Oooooh, I'd LOVE this, and could certainly USE it, too!!!

    If anyone FINDs ONE (or two, cuz I KNOW you'll keep the first one!!!), here's my E-MAIL please~ bellesmom1234@comcast.net ~~~~~~~

    Linda in AZ *

  10. Well, how lovely is YOUR blog! I just wandered in via another blog and I am glad I did. And now I guess I will be on the lookout for a vintage shoe rack! It is going to be expensive to follow you... (: Cheers from Seattle!

  11. Yeah, I can see why this makes you sick!
    Indeed very sickening! ;p
    I love the elegant and yet rustic feel.

    Those city appartments with space, lights and high ceilings are the best. ^^,

    Wonderful blog! I am linking it if you don't mind :)


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