Canberra Decorating Trip ...

Woops ... thought I had a few posts up my sleeve that should have been firing out this week ... am clearly super organised in my quest to more regularly post!
Sorry ...

So, I was in Canberra over the weekend on whirlwind decorating tour of my little sister's new apartment ... what started as frat house is now Hampton's/French chic deliciousness!
And all on a meager budget ... my very favourite type of decorating.

Many fabulous finds in the second hand shops including a terrible looking behind the couch console table (hence the picture above of a lovely one!), but now slathered in layers of lovely white gloss looks just divine. Console tables are the best! This coupled with a gigantic neutral rug meant that we could put lamps behind the couch and run the cord across the room under the rug - this is my favourite trick as it makes the lamps look as though they have popped up in the centre of a room ... always lovely! I just can't cope unless the lighting is right!

All 3 lamps were major bargains, one in gorgeous alabaster and gold and the other 2 in matching pale Sandi wood - they all got lovely new white shades which I trimmed in thin natural rope. Also had a hilarious coffee table event with the man bargaining himself down to $5 without us even saying a word! Clearly this also received the white gloss slather too ...

And lastly we framed a massive 2x3 canvas with calico, a wide strip of pale grey cotton and a thinner strip of navy bunched satin over some white broderie anglais fabric hung vertically across the centre - very hard to explain but Georgie promises me that she will take photos and I will post them.
Poor George had no idea what I was going to do with this fabric but now after seeing my decorating brain in action she seems to understand how it usually works out in the end!

Then we got masses of illegally procured blossom and branches from the park across the road and styled the place up ... dramatic improvement and I'm just tickled pink that she loved it xx

I feel like Julie off Master Chef when she says cooking is how she shows her love ... decorating is definitely how I show my love ...

So, lots of fun was had wielding my staple gun around the ACT ... by gosh, I am in the wrong profession! Photos to come dear friends xx


  1. Can't wait to see the pics....I love makeovers. I love the transformation, gets me all motivated to do more of them myself.

  2. Yes, I think some freelancing as an interior designer is in order.


  3. Dear Emma, you sound as though you were in your element decorating your sister's living room. Can't wait to see the results. Lee :)

  4. ooo can't wait to see the pics!!! hurry and post them soon!!!

  5. I can not wait for picks .

  6. Looking forward to seeing the pics! You are an interior designer just waiting to come out Emma! Tracey xx


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