Don ...

Oh Don, you are such a bad man, but I still heart you ... we always fall for the bad boys, don't we?

Who else is obsessed with Mad Men in every way, shape and form?

Annie Liebovitz for Vanity Fair


  1. it's the the best show on tv and i adored the vanity fair photos. i wish i could watch tonight's episode but i'm at my parents and my mom will ask too many questions :) can't wait to get home tomorrow and watch it uninterrupted!! xx

  2. I hate to admit it but count me in! Gorgeous pic! Tracey xx

  3. Yes me too..just dont tell my hubby ;)

  4. I just finished watching the DVD's of season 1 yesterday and can't wait to start season 2 tonight! i absolutely love don, but hate him at the same time!

  5. Love it. Don? Strong. Silent. Gorgeous. It's all just a beautiful 60's slow tableau playing out before our eyes, SO well done. Trish


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