Industrial and Scrubbed ...

Some fabulous industrial medical props in this Ohio house featured in Country Living ...
It's darkish inside, but I think it really suits the furniture ...
I would die to find a few of those stools...
I am, as usual, enamoured by bathroom design ...
I love the planked walls and the pillar to the left with some old medical bottles propped casually atop ...
This room is amazing! The stools! The lamp! The bench!

And to finish off, another metal cabinet, not looking out of place in the least in this living room when propped with antlers and a mirror ...

Interior goodness!


  1. Ahh yes, the stools! I want them too. I am looking for some industial barstools just now, and something similar would be amazing.

  2. I am sure you were Florence Nightingale in a previous life! A-M xx

  3. I love to mix industrial with luxurious touches! gorgeous! xo

  4. Seems like a very nature themed house. The plants in jars, too, are extremely great looking pieces.


  5. I loved that house too and the combo of zinc with vintage.
    Great post.

  6. I am drooling!
    Ahhh the office! =p
    Thank you for posting - these pictures might accidently end up in my blog as well if you don't mind it ;)


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