Monday Barn Envy ...

Very lovely house ... very, very lovely in fact ...
Of course it's in Sag Harbour ...
One day I'll get there!

Would never have chosen that bed spread but it works?!
Loving the long shelves and random frames ...

But this is the best bit ... it looks like a barn! You must think I was raised in a barn, I talk about them so much!
This photo, with the white gravel, clipped low hedge and up-lit trees framing the glass picture window, is just about as perfect as can be ...

Happy Monday xx


  1. Love all those pics. I agree with you about the bed spread, I wouldn't have looked twice at it but boy it adds so much texture to that room. Also LOVE the light shining up through those trees...thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Emma,
    you were the first blog I ever read and still my favourite! I love pugs and all things white as well!
    Thank you for all the lovely pictures you publish!


  3. I would have been happy to be raised in a barn if it looked like this!

  4. All those pics are amazing - but especially that last one!!

  5. The barns I hung out in as a child growing up in farming country never looked like this, but they did have a certain charm. Lovely pics.

  6. Hahaha!
    My friend has this bedspread and she has two cats! I am waiting to get a rapport back on how that is going. I like it though, it has a really fun texture.


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