Scent ...

Clive Christian, cabinet maker extraordinaire and prolific British designer, has stepped into perfume...
I'm sure this is not breaking news to many, but these bottles are to die for!
I am in the market for a new scent and am almost tempted to buy just for the crown on top ... x


  1. do it! love 'em, so you and if it has got you posting, they must be good! so good to get a W&W fix xx

  2. It's good to see you back, Emma! I'm very picky about my scents but these bottles are so pretty I almost don't care what's inside. :)

  3. I am passionate about scents, the scent being the important bit, not the bottle, but how could anyone not fall for these divine bottles, I LOVE them.

  4. I just went looking for the blue bottle to buy, I love it. The prices on these is unbelievable but I could not find the blue one anyway. MB


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