Ship Shape ...

Some lovely photos of a fantastic show home interior by one of my favourite interior designers, Suzanne Kasler...
This is a shot of the bunk house... I love that horizontal planking (must remember this and note for future interiors) ...
And that cabinet? Sigh...

And from the reverse angle ... how divine and fun are the beds suspended with rope?
Note the roll up blinds suspended with nail head trim ... !

Now this is amazing ... red leather built in furniture! Loving the little ship light and the wooden fans as well...

Again, the styling is done so perfectly... it isn't over the top but it is still undoubtedly a modern nautical interior ... that ladder is such a well thought out detail, finishes the room just beautifully...

She has my dream job...!


  1. Fabulous!!! I'm living in a little cottage on the ocean for a few months, and these photos are so suiting my mood. Really beautiful work she has done here. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Lovely,
    and *sigh* is right! that cabinet!! I actually lost my breath with I pull up your page!!

  3. Wow, she's good isn't she...that room is amazing! Love that cabinet to bits too. Lee :)

  4. I'm in love. There are so many great ideas here for a weekend house! Those plank walls are amazing. Love the bed, the cabinet, the colors, everything!

  5. We lived with a very tall, dark living room for 10 years before my husband let me put a thin skin of sheetrock over it. It's been two years and I still haven't gotten over the difference light walls make in the space. Has an open beamed ceiling and the focus is on it's beauty since it doesn't have competition. So I'm not a big fan of that horizontal planking. The cabinet, though, gorgeous. Thanks. Trish

  6. The detailing is so gorgeous, romans give me such inspiration!


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