B & M Barn ...

Fabulousness in every way, shape and form kids!
I think this is my perfect house... even though I have said that before, it is true this time!!!

Behold, the exquisite country abode of Mark Badgley and James Mischka ...

Nothing to say here ... words do it no justice ... wiping away my tears ...
Still no words ... sob ...

So masculine (words are back now) but still glittering crystals lend it warmth ...
A library dining room would be a dream come true ...

Vintage Louis? These boys have left not one chic detail out...

Am about to order monogrammed pillow cases because this is really floating ones boat ... I love the trophys above the bed!
Sigh, swoon and gasp ...

Elle Decor


  1. I share your love for barns too! I posted a few different types a couple of weeks ago. It's my dream to do it, and I will one day!

  2. oh the dachsie just about sold it for me! LLGxx

  3. Hmmm ..we do not have enough barns here in Aus. we should start to transform "our" sheds. They would be muuuuch nicer.

  4. We have loads of barns here in Tasmania Viera. Maybe because it is colder here and the horses need somewhere warm not like in Brissie.

    I too share your love of a barn, although I want one as a shop...soon!
    Ness xx

  5. I do love that library dining room. Think it could be an inspiring table to daydream at, imagine blogging there!

    I am really enjoying your blog.
    Happy week.

  6. Absolutely pure perfection! And it looks big enough for all of us! ;) SO beautiful, Emma.

  7. YEAH!
    Kinda masculine interiors are sexy. Worn leather and plaid has long been a favourite of mine. This barn is so nice.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Great blog btw! =)


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