Good Wood ...

Am having a bit of a moment with wooden accents currently ... who would have thought these palettes could look so chic stacked up behind this gorgeously dressed bed?
It's a bit of a glamping look ... I like it!
And this shot is so over the top but I love! This is my kind of panelling ... mismatched and scrubby ... and perfectly capped off with that killer antler chandelier...

And lastly, while not usually a fan of these Asian inspired screens, this one is perfectly accented with the Zulu feathered headdress...

Did I ever mention that when I was in South Africa I nearly bought one (I like to think this was before they were popular!) ... it was huge, stunning and the deepest jet black - I would have loved it forever...
Never again will I travel and not buy what my instincts tell me to!

Photos : Daily Danny, not sure and even less sure (as always, if you know the source, please let me know!)


  1. love the last one especially! Loving the warm and welcoming feeling...

  2. you are right, we should follow our instincts
    all images are great


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