New Love ...

New blog obsession... I'm probably the last person to be swept up in his fabulousness but interior designer and blogger Grant K Gibson is the bomb!

Exhibit 1 - toilet roll holders are out and keeping ones paper in a vintage trophy on a Corinthian column is always more appropriate ... I love him already.
Exhibit 2 - all of it! Faultless ...
Exhibit 3 - again, divine ... what a perfectly styled vignette...
And the piece de resistance, Exhibit 4 - the man is a genius! He painted his bedroom this stunning shade of blue, trimmed the curtains in my favourite Greek key motif, and customised his bed with that perfectly chosen camel toned bedhead ... and all in a rental!
Be still my beating heart x

And he has 2 perfect white puppies... just to make him even more adorable!

Go check him out immediately ... I said now ...!

PS I've also just seen him featured over at Beefy darling ... check it out there too xx


  1. Ha, I felt the same way finding YOU.

    Odd, your thoughts on interiors & etc. enrich my landscape muse.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Wow, love the bathroom photo. What a great simple way to awaken a private space.

  3. You are not the last...I AM, haha! Just found you awhile back and enjoying much, thanks. :)

  4. Thanks muchly for the lil' "shout out" link! "Beefy Darling"? I'll take it! :)

    Isn't his place amazing looking?!! I think these pics have gone around the world and back again!


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