Pug Eared ...

This poor little dude is one of Valentino's pugs, I can't wait to see that movie and all those little darlings - Only he would make his puppy wear earrings in the name of fashion ... !

Rufus would have certainly objected, but he was one headstrong and naughty puppy!

Happy weekend dear friends xx



  1. This is a little cruel I think....the poor little thing. But I could never say that in front of Valentino though, he is to much of a legend isn't her.

  2. The movie is fantastic! There are little pugs and beautiful gowns everywhere! My Yoda would not be please with earrings either, as he can't even stand the hot dog costume I put him in.

  3. oh poor baby! I have a cute pug today too! have a lovely weekend!


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