Re-decorate ...

Have had a bit of a redecorating weekend ... was meant to be doing other things of course but cracking open the Christmas decoration boxes was just too tempting! Bedroom has been Christmafied... now just to find my tree and finish the rest - these shots are of my bedside tables crammed to the gills...

Above, I made a giant snow dome with a cloche and a hanging snowflake...
And for the visiting (and therefore empty) side, I wrapped one of my many globes up in brown paper like a present and propped it next to the last of my pink peonys...

I love a bit of a change around!


  1. always stopping by ;-)

    i always enjoy changing things in my apartment.

    keep up the good work


  2. Love the snow globe Emma, and your 'Lets get it on' print too. Glad you have cracked the xmas stuff out...now I can tell Mic that everybody else is doing it =0)
    Ness xx

  3. Signature Emma Style, always puts a smile on my face. you really are genius x


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