Shop Dreaming ...

This is almost exactly what I want my shop to look like one day ... can never top a black and white blind and those lovely French doors casually flung open ... now, just to find the actual shop and get that perfect puppy!

One day ... hopefully not too far away xx

Image from the always lovely blog Marley and Lockyer xx


  1. Gorgeous..Love it..The kind of store that I would definitely find myself visiting on a regular basis Emma...your dreams are never out of reach..just believe and achieve :) Anna x

  2. Oh yes me too, I've always wanted a shop with a striped awning!!! Gorgeous image and a beautiful blog!

  3. Hi Emma, isn't that just the most gorgeous image. Working all day in that environment would be the best!!!

  4. Emma,
    Thanks for your lovely email the other day about this exact dilemma.
    You know I feel your frustration, but hang in their chicken, something will show up...something fabulous and flakey with gorgeous French doors, little twisted pines, roughed up boards.....

    Just you wait!
    Ness xx

  5. Emma, if you open such a shop here in Melbourne I'll be your #1 customer. Gorgeous! Lee :)

  6. I was at Balhannah By Design yesterday Emm & it PACKED! There is definitely room for your store. I heard an unconfirmed rumour that Matilda's Bookstore in Stirling is for sale. I've always thought that is a prime site just waiting for a gorgeous homewares store.
    Millie ^_^

  7. nice,nice and once more nice,thanks

  8. very lovely indeed! sweet blog I have come across :)


  9. Lovely shop .... I want to have one too !! Wonderful blog


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