Puggy New Year ...

Pepper was one of my favourite pugs of the year so I thought it only fitting that we end the year with her ... what a little darling ... hopefully this year I can have one of my own!

Wishing you all a fabulous start to the new decade and a brilliant year on the whole... I can feel big things on the horizon so I just know it is going to be lots of fun ...

And thank you all for your wonderful support with your lovely comments ... it always brings a smile to my face xx


  1. I've really enjoyed the lovely images you find and share here, i've been a lurker for some time now.

    Hope 2010 brings lots of lovely good things!


  2. Happy New Year beautiful!! I KNOW it will be a good year, maybe because I know one of my absolute favourites is heading home.....
    I'm off to McLaren Vale with a pilot tomorrow, wish me luck.... xx

  3. I hope you've been enjoying the holidays, Emma. A puggy new year to you too!

  4. oohh this puppy is adorable..my favorite too..I wish you a happy 2010 . marie from sweden

  5. i just randomly found your blog and i love all your pug posts! pugs are the best. mine makes me laugh constantly.
    you need to get one. ;)

  6. Hi Emma....

    What an adorable pup.....

    Warm blessings,


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