Me Likey ...

Still sorting the house out but having lots of fun!

No photos yet, so in the meantime, we are taking a fashion detour to outfit perfection!

Isaac Mizrahi for Liz Claiborne


Moving Week ...

I am TURBO (yes, I wrote turbo) excited about moving tomorrow!

Was back in Adelaide loading up all my boxes on the weekend ... my parents cheered as the last one was loaded and long lost corners of the garage emerged!
It is going to be so much fun opening them all up after so long apart ... what treasures will I find ...?

So, let the decorating begin ...

Before and after shots to come!

McAlpine Booth and Ferrier


House of my Dreams ...

Have found another dream house!

Oh, how I would love a historic fishing shed like this with my very own deck (treacherous as it may seem with no balustrade) ...
By day, I would luxuriate on a gorgeous steamer lounge and watch the boats sail past ...
By night I would dream listening to the water lapping gently beneath me ...

No puppy today my friends ... can't find one cute enough with my limited searching times these days ... feel free to forward one through if you believe him worthy!

And thank you all for your kind and welcoming words ... it is great to be back xx

Bad blogger ... cant remember where this photo came from ... oops!


Why, Hello!

Hello ... long time, no see ...!

Just letting you know I am still around, but posting will remain intermittent until I finally finish the interstate move ... am about to settle into a lovely warehouse apartment with my friend Sal and I can hardly wait!

8 more sleeps ... not that I'm counting ...