Foxy ...

The Fantastic Mr Fox is the most brilliant movie I have seen in ages... loved, loved, loved it...
And not just because the gorgeous George Clooney is in it, even without him it would be a brilliant masterpiece of whimsy and fun ...

And it has a gorgeous website too... check it out xx


  1. Cool, thanks for letting us know - i think it's the only kids movie we haven't seen so far.

    that's the weekend sorted :)


  2. I just put this on my Netflix- Can't wait to see it. Foxes are so cute yes?

  3. I want to see it too. It never came to our local theater. I want a pet fox. Heidi

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog, and I appreciate the heads-up about this film. It is on my to-see list.

    We just moved to Carmel, CA. after 6 years in Flinders, Victoria. I just love your country and Aussie style and design.



    P.S. Know Adelaide too. Great place for a shop. You go girl.


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