Mirror Love ...

 Fabulous to finally find some shots of this house... when I was in Paris last year I ripped these photos out of a magazine very sneakily from the hotel we were staying in, always meaning to scan and post them but had misplaced the page in one of my many frantic clean-ups!

Lovely to stumble across them over at Sister Agency...
 This is the Istanbul residence of the designers of Autoban ... it's a glamorous old flat, but has been spectacularly updated with some very unexpected modern touches...

Watch out Mum, when I come home to build my little loft at the bottom of the hill I may have trouble NOT mirror tiling an entire wall ... hehe
 Oh, parquet floors are such a dream!
And the best part? This hidden kitchen with more glam mirror tiles behind...
Sorry the photos are so small but I hope you can get the drift... divine!


  1. I love the mirror tiles. But I would dread seeing my face in it all day long. Ha, just kidding!

  2. omg, the door frame in the 3rd pic. fantastic...
    the hidden kitchen too.

  3. Very cool pad, and anything Instanbul is alright by me - one of my favourite cities in the word!

    Really love the 'subway' version of mirrored tiles - totally removed from the self adhesive Bunnings variety :)

    Lovely pics, thanks.


  4. What a sophisticated place..is this place in Paris? just gorgeous...love the lashings of white with small doses of black...beautiful x


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