Hello Martha Krishna ... (as Mum has taken to calling me!)

Boy-oh-boy, do I have news for you, my dear friends! 

Just after Christmas, on a crazy whim (and desperate to get a job that wasn't as a nurse) I applied for a job coordinating a clinical trial in India... much to my amazement I seem to have been awarded the position ... so, I am heading home to Adelaide for a few months to train up in the science and then to Vellore in the south of India for a year to run the trials ...
I know, it certainly is quite the detour on my way to changing careers but I think that it will be a fabulous adventure, an opportunity to save up, and may open some exciting markets that we previously hadn't thought of for the (one day) shop ...

I hope to be able to study interior decorating still by correspondence while I am away, so I should get back in a year fresh (?exhausted?), studied up and ready to go. Thankyou all a million times over for your kind advice on my study options as well, it really was a huge help in making a decision xx

And don't worry, I will ramp up the posting once I move from Melbourne in about 3 weeks and I sincerely promise not to turn White and Wander into an overdose of my third world scientific life ... I think there will have to be a travel sister blog ... so, a few kinks to be ironed out, a crash course in conversational Tamil to take, and lots of other things to plan, but this is definitely the adventure I have been dreaming of xx


  1. wow, how exciting! good for you. I think this is such a wonderful opportunity for you.


  2. What an exciting opportunity!! A year in India- sounds like a wonderful adventure to me. It is such a fascinating country.
    I wish you great luck and safe travels,


    Slim Paley

  3. All the very best - you will have such amazing adventures!

  4. Sounds very interesting and exciting for you! What an opportunity and think of all those beautiful vibrant colours!! KG

  5. OMG! This is so exciting! I had no idea! We simply must catch up when you're back in town - must be soon now. G&Ts and lots of laughs on order xo

  6. Hello there. I have been following your lovely blog for sometime now. I am from Adelaide Hills and live in India. I'm thinking I may be able to help you out somehow - let me know if there is anything I can do. Kati

  7. Thankyou for your best wishes everyone! Lovely to have the support on this big adventure.

    Kati, I would love to have some help! I can't seem to see your email though so if you could get in tough with me that would be fab xx

  8. oh, my, goodness! how exciting. i love adventure. i can't wait to hear about it all.

  9. Things are never dull in the life of Emma White & Wander! The Indians won't know what's hit them.
    Millie ^_^


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