Soldier ...

Flicking through the oh-so-gorgeous pages of Design Sponge and came across this wall of utter fabulousness ...
 Mainly it was the crazy soldier in the gold helmet that caught my eye ... because I recently bought this exact painting! Thinking he was just some random dude, simply intrigued by his gruff demeanour, broody dark background and fabbo gold frame, I snapped him up at the local Salvos ... then low and behold he popps up on someone elses wall ...hmmm

So, a bit of Google searching reveals that he is a very famous Rembrandt, how interesting! It's a pity he won't be on the priority packing list for India ... may have to bequeath him to brother Ben for babysitting while I'm gone xxx

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  1. That wall could tell a story. I definitely see why you'd be captured by the famous Rembrandt. Maybe you'd better make room for him in your bag?!! Have a delightful rest of the week Emma ~


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