Return ...

Hello chickens!

Humblest apologies for my extended absence ...

So, in the past few weeks I have moved states, repacked most of my belongings more appropriately for long term storage, and painted my bedroom a bright new white... oh, and started my new job! Busy Em ...

Sadly, this repacking meant  making a very hard decision and saying goodbye to my beloved magazines, which have traversed the country with me over the years, and which I have lovingly nurtured and archived for so long... while I wouldn't say I am a hoarder in the least, I can be quite ruthless with the bi-annual chuck out in fact, I have always looked at magazines as an investment, much to my Mothers dismay ... so, 5 years worth of British Homes and Gardens, Living Etc, Country Home, and House and Leisure South Africa have been sifted through, the good shoots ripped out, and are sitting in the boot of my car to go to a better home...
Martha Stewart is staying with Mum (she likes them now!), and Domino and Blueprint have been bequeathed to the lovely Kim ...

It was overwhelmingly and surprisingly sad sitting down and ripping my babies up ... I am sure you agree that the good mags are NEVER to be tarnished, but finally, in the interest of less storage and living lighter in general, I succumbed. I tell you chickens, I nearly cried! 

Strangely, on the other side of the massacre, I feel quite relaxed about this previously unthinkable deed. Of course the decision was a little easier since the shots are almost all on the internet now!

It seems moving to India is racing forward at an unstoppable pace. 
I was under the impression that I had about 4 months to learn the science and get all the protocols written here in Adelaide... hmmm, not so! It is now apparent that I am leaving in 4 weeks as the monsoon, and therefore the cholera season is coming up sooner than thought!

So much to do, so little time ...vaccinations, visas and everything else that comes with a zany and possibly ridiculous move to the third world ... but I promise to start some blogging more regularly ... thanks for sticking with me lovely ones xxx

(Calcutta bookshop seemed an appropriate shot!)


  1. You are a brave, fearless warrior. I say this not only because you will be making the world a better place through your work in India but also because you ripped up your mags. It is strangely liberating isn't it! A-M xx

  2. oh - this literally hurts to read. I dumped years worth of magazines for a move about 5 years ago, and am STILL regretting it. Which is crazy! What should come first? major life opportunity, or pieces of paper? You made the right decision :) And sounds like you found them good homes. Good luck with the packing!
    -Sanity Fair

  3. missing you already and I'm seeing you tonight.... at after looking at this shot, maybe you should have kept the mags and taken them with you so you could build yourself a shanty!! x

  4. Not ridiculous...exciting..brave...adventurous! What a wonderful thing to be doing. Look forward to catching up with you from India.

  5. Such excitement Emma. Funny that you mentioned parting with your beloved mags. In prep for us to quite possibly move to the U.K., I pondered such thought. For me too, that's huge as I have toted those all over the United States. Wishing you all the best in your process to begin your next journey to India. Can't wait to follow.
    Happy weekend to you x

  6. That is quite a move, safe travels to you.

  7. What a jetsetter! But I know the feeling, I've been staring at my beloved magazines for a while now, wondering if it's time to let them go. They've actually been on display in my living room for a little too long, so I think I want them mostyl out of view at the very least...and even that will be a little sad, but absolutely necessary!

    xx Kit

  8. Hi Emma, I'm in Goa, on the West coast of India. Which part of India are you going to?

    If you're headed this way, let me know! Good luck!

    Chryselle @ Frangipani Decor


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