Welcome Wally ...

Hooray! I have a gorgeous little puppy to post! Just when I thought I had exhausted all the puppy photos out there... the stalk visited my dear friends Sally and Tim with their new baby Wally ...
He is a Cavoodle ... super cute, hey? As his Aunt, of course I'm biased but who could resist a snuggle with this darling little fellow? 

Happy weekend dear friends xx


  1. Que lindo!!!! I love dogs. We have two big and I always look back to the next puppy;)

    Greetings and have a nice day


  2. Yay! Go Wally! Xx

  3. Oh My God! I cannot take that face! That soft fur. Those darling eyes! What a precious puppy. Is he a Cavelier Spaniel and a Poodle? What a combo!

  4. such a cutie! I have fallen in love now :o)

  5. absolutely precious... have a wonderful weekend.. xx

  6. Oh he is soooooo cute. We have a spoodle, cocker spaniel poodle cross the same colour. She is divine. Your friends chose very well.


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Happy day dear friends xx