I'm off again ...

Righto kids ... the time has come!
Tomorrow I head to India for my new adventure! I hope there are zany dudes like in this photo everywhere

Can't deny I am anxious to get this science right but feel strangely calm about the personal part of such a big change. It has been an exhausting few months for my family and I (never would I recommend moving interstate and overseas in 2 months) but on the other side the calm is finally coming over me. Special people will be at home while I take off again, and that security means more to me than anything.

Posting may be sparse for a few weeks while my creative brain comes back to life... in the meantime you are welcome to visit over at Wander Wallah...

Em xx


  1. Damn it, missing you already. So excited for you bella xx

  2. have a GREAT time...and come back healthy!

  3. WOW India, WOW.

  4. oh what a good idea doing a travel blog! i look forward to hearing about your adventures. Stay safe!

  5. dear emma... safe travels and have a wonderful time xx

  6. Welcome to India!!!
    Your life will be changed!

  7. how terribly exciting! why does india sound so soothing and exotic? every time i just hear the name india, wow. please enjoy and report back! :) sending you good wishes and thoughts...


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