Warm Pug ...

As it gets increasingly colder in the Adelaide hills and my family start to pull their winter jackets out of storage, I am, inversely, gearing up for 46 degrees of hot, hot, hot in India ... this is rather unfortunate because I do love the cold ... but I'm sure I will learn to love this crazy, sticky, sweaty challenge even more ... I hope!

In about a week I will be on my way ... wow, has this snuck up on me ...

Happy weekend dear friends ... clearly I will be packing!

Beanied puggy courtesy of Pip, merci xx


  1. So cute;
    my friend has 2 pugs! They are such cute little creatures! This one is no exception!

  2. OMG that is the funniest pug yet!

  3. Hi hi..sooo adorable:)
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