Book Loft ...

Take a close look kids... this is one beautifully detailed loft! I love the books everywhere... aren't books just the most fantastic decorating tool?

New Victorian Ruralist (loving this blog right now xx)


  1. Mmmm, I might go up into that gorgeous book loft and never come out! Lee :)

  2. Oh I´m looking,be sure of that.I love everything....hat an exciting room...a little hideaway from reality!But I sure wouldn´t mind stealing those columns!!!!!!!!!
    Actually this is a very brilliant idea....maybe I´ll use it someday...dreaming of adding some more space on our house:)
    Gotta vheck out that blog there....have a wonderful day :)))

  3. this is such a great room! love it! have a lovely day. greetings from sunny germany, geisslein

  4. This is such a cozy place, perfect for a chilly autumn day!

  5. I LOVE IT!! I want a log home that has a two story open living room, thinking I could incorporate this idea into that somehow....I love books!


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