More Bedrooms ...

I'm getting a bit excited about moving into my downstairs bedroom suite at my parents... yep, am nearly 30 and am back with the folks! Bless their cotton socks for letting me take up 2 rooms so I can stretch myself out in full on creative studio mode...

As usual, am plotting furniture arrangements and colour schemes but I can't help returning to the comfort of vintage nautical with a touch of museum thrown in...

Divine picture above from Domino is a perfect example of what I love (missing that magazine hard!)
And this shot, seen over at the ever gorgeous Greige is so pretty yet still seems quite grown up... eyes will be peeled for anchors at auction from now on!
Another fine example, this time from Dan Marty Designs... I bought a gorgeous old jib a few months ago with the words Lighsart Enterprise beautifully embroidered onto it, perfectly sun bleached of course. Am dying to upholster something in it!
And the ever timeless Matt Albiani beach house featured in Domino all those years ago... can't beat those white washed planks... sigh...

Will keep you posted on how the move goes ... before and after shots to come!


  1. They are all wonderful, but the one with the flags .... so divine !!!

  2. Have fun Emma, sad but glad to hear you are home. Love to your folks too. xxx


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