Lovely Present ...

I was down at Kim's place last night having squillions of fun wrapping candy jars orders for dispatch (this isn't sarcastic - sticky taping bubble wrap to the base of the jars is actually the most fun I've had in ages and clearly a good indication of just how bad my last job was I would say!) when she clearly couldn't help herself  any longer and presented me with an early birthday gift a thankyou-for-helping-bubble-wrap-things gift!

It is hilarious how well she knows me... she had been warning me for weeks to please not buy anything for myself before my birthday knowing full well that if I saw a copy of this I would climb over (and probably hurt) small children to get it!
Thomas O'Brien has been one of my very favourite designers for ages now... I suppose I like his style so much because despite seeming so simple on the surface, to me it actually seems quite unattainable...

Let me try and explain ...
Sometimes when I look at the work of very famous designers I feel like, for the most part, I could emulate their style - not that I could do the job better, I would never be so bold as to profess that, rather I feel I can quickly analyse the elements of their style, their formula can be pulled apart so to speak..
With the gorgeous Thomas O'Brien though, I feel like the interiors are layered so precisely with history and meaning while still maintaining their quiet simplicity ... it is certainly a 'style' but I would say it is much less formulaic...

Am I making any sense? Hehe...
Anyway, without all the philosophy and theory behind it, I still just love the way he does things... 

It inspires me to control my strange desires to make things look overly theatrical... my natural instinct as a Leo I would say!
I saved this picture for last because it is my very favourite ... not just because of the little dudes on the chair, but because that glass side table is the most fantastic thing I have seen in a million years...

Thankyou bella, I love it to bits xxx


  1. he he - me glad you likey!!! - and it wasnt an early birthday present (it was going to be birthday present but you get something else now) - it was a thank you for helping me with shop stuff! love your guts! xx

  2. thanks so much for the comment today! I added you to my inspiration blog roll, btw :)

  3. Now I will have to go to the bookshop and have a more thorough look for myself! Loved the last image.

  4. AnonymousJuly 13, 2010

    I too love Mr O'Brien. Look out for a future O'Brien post on Wreckorated (Decked) for indepth coverage of all things Thomas O'Brien. I found the site via Door 16, the author has excellent pieces on Rose Tarlow, Frederic Mechiche and Darryl Carter. A different and unusual decor blog. Like yours! Sort of!


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