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Righto kids... I have decided to take some photos of my rooms (tiny apartment) for you ...
In case you didn't know, since returning from India I am living once again at home. My parents have been wonderfully generous and donated their downstairs dining room and study to the pursuit of Studio White and Wander... plus I get my own entrance so I don't wake them up at night!
I'm so lucky to have inherited many of my parents pieces of furniture, since mine was mainly all sold or lent out... It's lucky Mum and I have such similar tastes really ...
  Keep in mind I've only been in about a month so it is still a work in progress, as all my houses always are!
Enjoy xx

Above is the view when you first come in from the main part of the house - this lovely old farm table is simply divine to work at... I love all the space. Normally it is cluttered with all manner of laptops and text books but of course I styled it up a bit for the shoot! I have run the cords under my sisal rug so I can power the lamp in the centre of the room... an old trick that I'm sure you all know well...
Note my new foot model? Love at first sight... he has ligaments inside still! And my shiny silver Pug called Horatio - he never leaves my side...
 To the left of the table in the bay window is a pew that I painted white and covered in ticking, beneath sits a vintage pigeon crate, and on top you can just see my new (vintage) rope and pulley that lovely Kate kindly gave me... Dad's telescope stands over the top ... no idea how to use it but it looks pretty...
On the wall behind the desk is my high table and inspiration board (and a big pile of yet to be done work!). I patched it together from an old board of my brothers, stapled some calico over it and finished with a nail head trim. In the old drawers are all my paints, and on top is one of many globes and my 3 precious Venetian masks ...
I'm so lucky to have this gorgeous fire and mantle piece running the entire length of the wall. Nothing like a prop shelf to keep me happy! Have spent hours rearranging it but am happy with this composition for now ...
In the centre are my big buck antlers, and above the mirror is my Dad's 1971 2nd year Medical Students photo - I love old class photos!
And on the right are some vintage draftsman's rulers... one of them is slipping but I kind of like the off kilter look!
Taking pride of place to the left of the mirror is my lovely new Ampersand print from Bespoke Press; I think it works really well against da Vinci's naked man anatomical illustration ... but what doesn't work well against a naked man? 
Also in the shot is my vintage painted food warmer - hard to tell but it has the most fabulous illustrations of a hunting scene ... one of Mum's brilliant finds.
And some apothecary bottles under one of my cloches thrown in the mix for good measure...
On the right are more globes, my gold letter 'E' from London, the camper-than-a-row-of-pink-tents Dukes from the Loire Valley in France, a tiny vintage Danish flag,  and some apothecary bottles/candle holders from Kim's beautiful shop ... 
Also, just seen to the right is an architectural drawing by my talented little brother Ben, and of course there are the twigs... these had nasty spikes and were a bit of a struggle to get in the house, but I persisted in the interest of beauty!
I had to get a shot of the big baby Henry on his favourite spot in front of the fire. That dog could sleep for Australia.
I made the map pillow from a scarf I bought in France, the pillow with a cross is from Ness's Etsy shop,  and in the background is another that I made from a vintage flag and tied up with string ... the Union Jack one was bought for me by K Rudd in last years stimulus package!
In the background you will notice Rembrandt's Soldier in a Gold Helmet, and underneath on the music stand is my lovely new book from Kim by Thomas O'Brien - it was hard to choose a page to lay open because they are all so good! I intend to have some sort of shelves on this wall but for now Rembrandt and Thomas look quite at home...

I don't think I have ever posted pictures of my own space before but it feels like the right time... don't laugh at my style though - I just can't help decorating like a French sailor who lives in a museum...!

You get a glimpse of the bedroom in the first shot but I'm still styling it up with some new purchases, stay tuned xx


  1. I LOVE what you've done over the mantel! I want to sit on your couch and enjoy the view all day!

  2. I love it all - quick, get that shop open!!!! KG

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    Really lovely. I use a similar palette with a healthy dose of black (in the style of Frederic Mechiche's Paris apartment...or so I tell myself!).

    Always enjoy your posts.

  4. Wow! Why leave home when you can have such a fab 'apartment'!

  5. Oh oh! I like your comment about the much pondered shop! Do it!

  6. looks v.cool emma! i would actually love to move home for a bit, but sadly i think my mother would expect me to bring my children with me :|

  7. What a great job you've done. Loving those pillows. Very Clever!

  8. Emma, your 'tiny apartment' is just gorgeous. That mantle is to die for! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely space with us. Lee :)

  9. What a wonderful space you have made for yourself. It's beautiful.
    I too have recently moved back home after living in my own place. I also have my own entrance, but your space is much cosier and filled with spirit than mine is currently. You have inspired me to change that into "my space".

    Funnily, I also have the ampersand print from Bespoke Press. Loving it.

    Sandy K

  10. You have "IT". Color, furniture placement & grace.

    Your mantle. WOW.

    Small space, not much money, and yet you create a classic rich in everything money cannot buy.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  11. Oh I wish it would be my place!
    That looks amazing;)

    Lovely greetings from Germany...

  12. You've created a truly beautiful haven for yourself Emma - far enough away from the madding crowd, but still close enough to The Stirling! Your styling talent knows no bounds, you must, must do something with it professionally.
    Millie ^_^

  13. Love it, so restrained yet full of personality and memories. Thanks for sharing -- I've been trying to work up the courage to share pics from my apartment for a year now!

  14. What a darling apartment! Fabulous details and styling!


  15. Such a stylish, yet comfortable space. Lucky you having such a great fireplace/storage/display shelf to play around with. Bet invitations to dinner are in hot demand.
    Clare x

  16. Oh, I love it. It's such a cosy, welcoming space but lovely and stylish.

  17. I love that the mantle runs the entire length of the wall! The details and styling are impeccable! You've got a great eye!
    P.S. I just discovered your blog... it's lovely! I'm your newest follower!

  18. Hi Emma, Just beautiful. Come and do it to my house. In a few years. When the toys, books and ironing are gone. Or it's possible you are just so talented you could even make that look good. Love to you all at Stirling. Dale xxx

  19. I just love your blog, everything looks amazing! please pop by and have a look at mine :)


  20. Wow. I'm totally in love & will bookmark this to come back to for inspiration while decorating my own home. It's perfect and yet lived-in and not overly contrived. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Wowee! Smashing! I am so happy for you. (ps. I really love that Danish flag- and the map scarf pillow- so inventive!)

  22. I am so glad to finally see your space Emma, and it is just wonderful...and also glad to see one of my cushions on your couch (thanks for the mention too sweetie!). Your home is worthy of a mag shoot. Enjoy your trip too. Sounds great!
    Ness xx

  23. Hi, found you via brown Button, lovely blog!
    ...just letting you know; the tiny little vintage flag you have displayed so beautifully... it's actually from Norway! But then again, many centuries ago, Norway used to be under the danish crown!! Our flags look very similar in all of Scandinavia, a nod to our very close history! .... just thought you shoud know!
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    Northern Light

  24. Laughing -- hardly. Emma, your place looks amazing! You are VERY creative and talented. I need to pay more attention to you!

    You have excellent styling skills.

    And that's it -- I am so getting my own inspiration board! Yours look fantastic!

    Happy weekend,

    ox, Mon

  25. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is inspiration :)

  26. Lovely space! Thanks for sharing.
    My first visit here and I want to live next door and pop over for a cup of tea!

  27. Loving the styling! The mantle is so fab! Not sure how I got to your lovely blog but I will surely visit again.
    Also loving your shop pondering momentum phrase, exciting!


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