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Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your lovely comments on the living room/study that I posted earlier in the week ... I was very touched and fingers crossed can make a living from my favourite activity in the near future! Here are some bedroom photos to finish off the week
Let me tell you, it is very tricky to take photos of ticking stripes, so I took 2 shots in different light ... really have to get a photography course under my belt!
In the first photo you can see my scrubby old jib... I pinned it to the pelmet and I love imagining it weathering out in some storm in its past life...
My swathe, stapled without any measurement, is lovely to sleep under ... I think I will simply always have to have one...
The pillow in the centre is a vintage French pillow case that I paid way too much for in Candes St Martin last year... it is strangely the wrong size for all pillows so I have improvised a folded cover for an old cushion and pinned it shut with a gold crown brooch studded with navy stones that I inherited from a late Aunt ...
And the trunk at the end of the bed is a junk shop find with a new padded seat on the top ... again in my favourite ticking stripes...
The framed reproduction Theatre list is from the V & A in London, and was a Christmas present from my lovely twin sister Lulu... I love it's colourful typography and I think it looks right at home on my red magicians trunks...
Its sister sits on my high table in front of my inspiration board ...
Over on the left I have a 'Let's get it on, I'll just brush my teeth' print from Etsy, and standing in front of it is a Man Ray quote that I drew onto this little canvas ...
In front is my collection of baby dishes and map boxes on a vintage Indian tray ...
And here is a close up shot of my FABULOUS new tassels... Mum spied them in a very dubious shop in Canberra and thought they would be a perfect British Raj accent for my swathe... how right she always is! Not sure if you can see that well in the photo,but they are made of rope and the bottom section also has interwoven golden thread ... everything is better with a dash of gold.
I love them to death!

I am about to head off for 2 weeks interstate, starting with my 30th birthday present to myself ... a week at the Coco Republic Design School in Sydney - I am jumping out of my skin with excitement! 
I then head to Canberra for a few days to redecorate my lovely little sister Georgie's house, and finish off with 5 days in Melbourne for the trade fairs with my best girl Kim, and a big joint 30th with the gorgeous Sal and all of my Melbourne friends.

So, posting will be a little bit staggered but I will have lots of shots to post on my return.
Happy days my dear friends xxx


  1. Wow, I am inspired beyond belief! Thank you so much for sharing these pics. Have a great trip and a lovely birthday.

  2. Fabulous pics. very inspiring.

  3. Love your blog! Look forward to following :)

  4. Love your canopy...it looks fabulous. I live in Canberra...would your mum give up the secret of where she got those great tassels??

  5. It is beautiful! And what a great birthday gift for yourself. Happy 30th to you!

  6. Lovely! Those tassels are sweet!

  7. I love your magicians chest, it looks fantastic in your bedroom.

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  9. hi! just catching up on some of your posts and i have to tell you, i completely adore your space in your parents home! i just love everything about it and how you have placed each and every branch, glass globe, framed anything and your bedroom, fresh and dreamy. thanks for sharing your personal spaces and best of luck opening your own shop! if you eventually have an on line option, i'm there ;)

  10. so lovely. that trunk is perfect.

  11. I love your bed!!! Looks so comfy!! and all the trinkets around it! looks so homey! thanks for sharing! Great blog by the way. I'm a total follower from now on :)

  12. I am so late to comment Emma but I have to say how gorgeous it all looks! I love it.


  13. Wow! Just found you...so glad b/c you are so inspiring, so talented! :)


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