Navy and Lions ...

More inspiration which confirms without a doubt that I am obsessed with decorating! 
I love this room above to death! It is masculine with the navy and brown with splashes of gold, but with just the dash of scrubbiness in that weathered couch to keep the room from looking over decorated ...
J'adore black lampshades ...
And this photo just fills me with hope! I have inherited a motley collection of chests of drawers and a free standing wardrobe, and as lovely as they are they just need a little bit of sprucing up  ... me thinks a lick of navy paint and some lion heads will do just nicely!

Photo 1- Mrs Blandings of course ... Photo 2 - evil again and can't find the link, help please!

UPDATE: The lovely Trish from Trouvais sent over the link to Photo 2 - it is Monica's house from the stunning Splendid Willow - I knew someone brilliant had made it!!


  1. ooh yes - me likey too! we need to either paint the 80's pine dresser in my room or get something new to 'spruce up bruce' when we go shopping with kate x

  2. Hi Emma! The second photo is Monika's from the Splendid Willow blog. She took the plunge and painted the dresser a few months ago (was a drab brown). That's actually a photo of her with her adorable family on top! The gold lion pulls are perfect with it. Trish


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