Swathe ...

I have a serious obsession/crush on bed canopies ...

Not the ones that go all crumpled and frilled around the edges coming from a central point though, rather I love a clean swathe of crisply ironed fabric smoothly running down the wall and up over the ceiling ... I have no idea why, but it is truly my idea of heaven...
I especially love a masculine stripe (devoted to stripes), it just seems to make the room look a bit less twee and a bit more clubby ... do you agree?

Have been staring at my bedroom all morning trying to resist staple gunning my 12 metres of black and white ticking to the ceiling but I think I am losing the battle... I just can't help myself! In Melbourne I had a little cave of a room and the swathe made it look much more intimate, but here in my palatial Adelaide suite (AKA my parents downstairs dining room and study!) I feel I need a swathe to give the bed a bit more focus ... fingers crossed!

Photos to come dear friends xx

Photo 1 - am evil and can't remember... Photo 2 - from the gorgeously swoon-worthy Style Saloniste

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  1. You and your staple gun, hilarious!


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