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Hello lovely ones!

What a long hiatus from the blog... have been super dooper busy with my brothers wedding to the gorgeous Lucia! Mum and I arranged and styled all the flowers for the day, making this the inaugural White & Wander event! We had a ball, lots of hard work of course but it was really great to be officially doing what we love. 

Above is a shot of me sitting in the back of our hilarious little florists van... we love the Kangoo, have no idea how we lived without it before! It is truly the handiest car under the sun...
 Such professional florists! The garage was piled high with our lovingly painted white sticks and gathered blossom (of which there was 3 times this much in the end!)... I've never breathed in so much paint fumes in my life...
 I wish I got better photos but here is the finished table setting - very simple but very tall since we had a massive ceiling to fill, and 27 tables to create... white blossom, white sticks and pussy willow...
 One of two very large arrangements for the church and then entrance to the reception... the same as the tables but padded out with lots of gathered garden leaves for the casual feel we wanted...
Here is the view across part of the hall... the massive pyramid topiary was one of 8 pyramid and ball topiary we had delivered for the day... a lovely simple touch which we will be sure to use again ...


To add to this fun we have also been gearing up for some other very exciting changes in the land of White & Wander... spiffy blog renovation and gorgeous new logo are just the tip of the iceberg ... stay tuned!

All photos taken by me x


  1. Emm, bravo to you & your Mum, outstanding job! Looking forward to seeing your W&W 'renos.', I bet they'll be gorgeous!
    Millie ^_^

  2. Gorgeous Arrangements...

  3. Gorgeous. I love a "twiggy" flora display it is some how more timeless to me xox

  4. Fabulous!!!decorated and styled so well!congratulations! you Did such a beautiful arrangement as well.Great Job! So is the Blog.inspiring.

  5. Thanks for sharing a photo of yourself! It's so nice to see you!! Lovely.


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