Fab ...

So so good... unbeatable in fact...
Lonny nails it AGAIN!

I know the new edition is out but Ben Brougham's whimsical and perfectly edited little apartment from the last edition, sigh, j'adore... and I envy him even more now I know he works for Jonathan Adler!


  1. Emma, I know!!! Arent' we so lucky to have access to so much eye candy at the tips of our fingers!

    I am actually gettting the hard copy. A little pricey - but well worth it.

    A warm hug to you, Mon

  2. I love this cluster wall! The clocks work wonderfully. I am currently collecting to do a fab cluster wall too it's great getting inspiration from post like yours. I'm going to cheat a bit and have Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things come and position mine :)


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