Frenzy ...

Shops, shops, shops ... it's all I can think about at the moment...

Am a busy little beaver getting graphics and stock sorted out for our exciting new venture ... stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks...

Would love to be having one of these gorgeous little shops one day soon but alas it will have to wait and online we go! That said, should anyone in Adelaide hear of an unbeatable little shop for rent, preferably crumbling around the edges and full of historical character... let me know!

Photos from my new FAVOURITE tumblr, The Steward


  1. oh dear me, all are perfection. yes... one day xxx

  2. I love this old wooden facades!
    nice selection, thanks
    greetings from Spain

  3. Miss Emma - have you seen the little shop in Dulwich where Gillian's used to be? Just up from Gilberries (formerly Mortar and Pestle). Could be cool!?


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