Lucy In The Sky ...

Of course I am heavily biased because it is my beautiful and talented twin sister, but you must check it out, immediately if not sooner...

Lucy in the Sky is dedicated to the quest for the perfect travelling capsule wardrobe (and trying to look half as god as Elle McPherson getting off a plane). Along the way Luce will be not only reviewing products associated with the glamorous world of her business class jaunts across the globe, but also showcasing her own fashion designs... Luce is a very talented designer/dressmaker as well as an internationally acclaimed wine maker and wine buyer! What a fabulous combo!

Check it out kids! I remember being lovingly coaxed through my early months of blogging (some years ago now!) so lets extend the same hand of encouragement that we do to all new bloggers xx


  1. On my way over!!
    thanks for introducing her to us!!

  2. Looks great, yet another blog to religiously follow! Have just discovered the fabulous shop (online as I live in good old Adels) called Izzi and Popo - no doubt you already knw it but I made me think of your gorgeous blog and design aesthetic!
    x Eira

  3. looks great! happy halloween!


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