Light ...

 I stumbled across the shoot of this fabulous apartment in the 14th arrondissement in Paris today and was instantly transported back to my summer trip to France last year - on each day as we visited castles and strolled the lane ways of Paris we remarked how bright and clear the days were...I'm sure it isn't like that all the time but that is the lasting impression in my mind ...
 Courtyard to die for... even at dusk the light is beautiful ...
And this simple dining area with those gorgeous high windows - only in Paris would that light be so bright xx


  1. That courtyard is so beautiful! I can picture sitting out there with a glass of wine :)

  2. Lovely!
    Oh how I wish I was in France!!

  3. I would never leave my house if it looked like this - except if my house was in Paris, and then it would be a big temptation to go outside! C'est parfait xxx


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