Science or Arts ...

Hmmm, I feel I have unconsciously created Geek Week here at White & Wander ...
It's no secret that I love a dash of anatomical, anthropological, astrological and pharmacological paraphernalia in my decorating, have a passion for Darwin, and am constantly drawn to decorate my whole world like a British asylum... I believe the best study's are cultivated by the most scatter-brained nerds... do you?
Check out the Royal Society, turbo geek website for more nerdy stuff... their time line of the worlds greatest scientific achievements since 1650 is especially fab. 


  1. I love a telescope and saw one at the Lots Road Auction in Chelsea that I almost bought for you last weekend. Alas, it might be a little hard to fit one through the post box xxxxx

  2. I defy anyone to not love a little bit of nerdy clutter xox


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