2 Ways ...

 Trawling through the back pages Apartment Therapy I stumbled upon this amazing house tour and settled in to study the rooms in detail ...
This fabulous bedroom is designed and inhabited by Tommy Smythe, a designer for HGTV (alas, I have never seen this channel!) ... there are loads of great shots but I just wanted to focus on the shots of the bedroom ... I ADORE the pale grey walls. The room is undeniably masculine but I could happily live in it ...

And then I followed a link to shots of his old apartment ... bonus!
While I really dig the pale walls above, these deep smokey walls create such an amazing impact with all the art and gold touches ... And while I have tried not to jump on the chevron bandwagon, I cannot deny any longer that it is a completely fabulous decorating accent especially when contrasted against the plaid rug over the end of the bed ...

 Which bedroom do you prefer?


  1. I love both of them... those grays are 'perfect'!

  2. Gorgeous rooms...I am a huge fan of Tommy Smythe's work. You have never heard of this channel because it is a Canadian decor channel! I am very proud that we have such an amazing decor channel here is Canada...it's constantly on in the background in my house! The first bedroom is lovely, but I definitely have to go with the original in all it's moody dark glory. I LOVE dark painted rooms when they work perfectly like these...the most gorgeous effect! And I think that color scheme and that black lamp shade are pure brilliance!

    Hope Ava

    PS I never do this (very bad at self promotion!) but I'm so in awe of this artist I discovered that I really must urge you to quickly check out my most recent blog post...the most exquisite art/book sculptures I've ever seen! http://thefrenchmouse.blogspot.com/2010/12/most-beautiful-thing.html

  3. I love the first bedroom...very neat.


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