Christmas Twigs ...

 Apologies for my absence, dear friends! 
 I have been having a small break from blogging but I now return refreshed and renewed, and super excited that the Christmas month is finally upon us!
Instead of getting ready for winter, here in Australia we are gearing up for the hot, hot, hot. So, I have a created a tree that is sure to survive the sunny rays ... twigs!

And to decorate I've decided to do Christmas like a good pirate with all the nautical paraphernalia I could find... a blue glitter reindeer is slightly off target but surely the fabulous striped bunting made by my Mum is allowed?
(Terrible photo, I know... sorry!)


  1. Beautiful. Love the branches.

  2. I love the branch idea! Currently buried under a foot of snow today, I can't imagine Christmas with hot weather - I'll really need to visit down under around Christmas to experience it someday! :)

  3. I like it Emma...very nice, and I like your pic too. Your pad is looking great!
    Ness xx


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