Entrance ...

Goodness, quite the equestrian family here... 
While I am scared senseless of horses, I still love the odd riding boot lined up in the entrance!
And I'd never pass up that fabulous set of antlers if I stumbled upon them.... stunning

(I have no entrance of course, living with my lovely parents ... but one can dream!)


  1. ...and aren't the hats just the best too?!!!!

  2. this is perfect for the country home dharrrrling! - love it. those boots are to die for (just as a prop of course, i'd never actually have a need to wear them) - should have had a pair made while I was at RM's... x

  3. scared of horses too but my o my that is a pretty entrance.

  4. I'm a total sucker for the equestrian theme too! I also quite like the use of the antlers as hat racks.

    The French Mouse

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  6. Love the boots! I can almost feel the smell of
    the grass :)

  7. Can we wear those boots without a horse? I have some similar ones :)
    It's called being a "poser" in so. Calif.
    Mary Ann


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