Green ...

With library envy ... 

OWI via the always inspiring Automatism x


  1. I have a friend that has a working library, and I am so jealous! This is beautiful.

  2. We have a table "similar" to this in our library/tv room and keep it against a 2 story arched window. The couch is in the middle of the room facing the tv and the tv is on the opposite wall. The walls are lined with 6'tall Ikea bookcases that we had when we moved here and plan to replace, but not immediately. The table is more like a farm table and each end has another 2' under the top layer that can be pulled out.

    At Christmastime, we switched the table and the sofa, putting the sofa under the window and having the table running the long direction of the room, with an end aimed at the tv. I felt just like I was in a library, but the room wasn't so great for watching the games. The (adult) boys switched the pieces back for my husband, as one is also into sports.

    I just sent hubby a link to this post, pleading....That tv can go anywhere! But a library with a long table - priceless! (not exactly, but it's paid for) Great picture. Thanks!


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