Jam Love ...

While glamorously shopping for dog food for the starving Mr H this evening, I stumbled upon a new gourmet section in the local supermarket and was instantly drawn to the exquisite labels on these new condiments... The Regimental Condiment Company. Excitingly, this is an Australian product... would die to know who did their graphics...
 The jams are all decorated with a different crest ...
 The sauces all have some little soldiers sparring...
And the pickles and chutneys all have a different animal ... all very British Raj I would say!

Now I won't lie - I have just paid $10 for a jar of Raspberry and Blackberry Conserve just for the label, but I think good design is always worth it! God knows I love a good crest ... stay tuned for our new one coming in just a few short weeks ...


  1. Love the crest! If I bought those I'd be peeling the labels off to save for various craft exploits...I already do that with certain wine labels.

  2. a woman after my own heart! I totally agree. what a wonderful surprise, sure makes a pretty pantry/fridge xox

  3. I was standing in front of that very shelf on Thursday thinking 'Thank God Coles has fled town & we may have some decent stuff to choose from!'
    Millie ^_^

  4. Simply stunning!
    The designer is Annie MacInnes. Her labels won gold at the 2010 Australian Packaging Awards.

  5. Oh yum. They sound delicious.


  6. HI Emma - Stacey here from CDPCU! Yes, I check out your blog from time to time. Those labels are divine! Thought you and your readers might also be interested in this that I found via Kitsune Noir: http://lovelypackage.com/mlk/. Creative packaging for milk and other dairy products! Enjoy

  7. Hello! My friend just sent me this link.
    I'm Annie MacInnes and I designed the labels.
    Such lovely comments - thank you :)
    I'm still in the process of building a website, but here are my details if anyone is interested...
    +61 438 073 479
    p.s. Merry Christmas!


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