Sporting Bath ...

Having a serious obsession lately with team photographs lately ... I have a collection of my Dad's cricket team shots from his 20's that I adore ... all those mustaches and 70's hair cuts are hilarious ...

En masse they look so fab, don't you think? I love this shot above ... who would have thought they would look so great in a bathroom?


  1. John J TackettDecember 09, 2010

    The photos look great! If there is a steamy shower, be sure there is a good seal on the back of the frames so mold and mildew do not collect there without notice.

  2. Adore this!!! Smashing!! Can't wait to do my own bathroom!! Thank you!!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  3. LOVE - not sure i could pull off the pics in my bathroom, but the rest is exactly what i want! now to rob a bank.... x

  4. Awesome idea - love that it takes this bathroom to a masculine feel, but doesn't go the typical, dark/rich color way.

  5. Love it too> I think I would be hanging some scanned copies though so the real photos didnt get steam damaged. Look awesome in the black frames.
    Ness xx

  6. I am loving this idea and as soon as Christmas is over this look is going to be one of my bathrooms in my house!

  7. This photograph stopped me in my tracks. We have covered the walls of our 1930s-era master bath at Darlington House with black framed, black and white team and group photos, similar to this bathroom. Some are from when I went to a boy's public school in England, and others are of strangers that I collected over the years. I even have a naughty one or two amongst them, too. People go nuts when they see the bathroom for the first time! It is all very graphic, so to speak.

    BTW, I came across your blog from Tartan Scott, and am enjoying it. I plan on becoming a follower. Yours, Reggie


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