Hello ...

I'm back! Well, I've been back for a week actually but in true crazy Emma style I have been super busy starting a new job as a nursing tutor (hilarious that someone is letting me teach since I can't really remember how to do it!) ... this job will hopefully tide me over until my newly officiated decorating skills can support me full time...

The Coco Republic decorating course was absolutely fantastic - I learned so so much and made some lovely new friends ... I now have new eyes for colour and design details that I probably took for granted before... and I am even more enthusiastic than ever to enter the decorating world.


Also had a brilliant time in Canberra with my little sister (went to Bowral for a day - jeepers, it is gorgeous there!), and then a screamer of a week in Melbourne bringing in the 30's in style. Thanks to all my gorgeous friends for celebrating with me, I loved seeing you all again after so long away xx

Right, so posting will be starting again and I will be sure to keep you all up to date with the latest developments in the quest for the new shop/events/decorating adventures!

Photo of some cool little dudes and interior by Jamie Drake 
(P.S. I used this photo in my final assessment, how could I resist!)