For Kim ...

Here is the start of the mood board photos I've been promising ... what do you think?
We can so do these fabulous brights and whimsical touches at your place... easy peasy xx

 1,2, 3 (not sure...)


  1. This is bliss!
    I love your blog...and would like to invite you to visit with me too!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  2. Love this post Emma! Top pic is my favourite :))

  3. Emma, these are gorge! You have such an eye xo

  4. Fresh, zingy and lovely!
    Have drooled of no 3 before - just love the artwork behind the sofa!

    x Charlotta

  5. flipping heck - YES PLEASE!!!!! love how there is still colour but its muted- YES YES YES

    Ok - so i'm still overseas for another week and a half - you have a set of keys, i'm happy for you to make the necessary changes before I get back - ha ha! x

  6. Hi there! I am a new blogger and follower of your blog. I just happened upon this post and think you are fantastic!


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