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Today I realised something lovely ... every holiday I've ever been on (technincally East Timor was work and not a holiday) has incidentally taken in a UNESCO World Heritage site...
Now, it is probably only a travel geek like me that would realise this, but it was a lovely revelation. I therefore feel that each holiday from here on in should involve another one...

Here is my wish list...
Old Havana, Cuba
Djenne Market, Mali
Bath, UK
Bern, Switzerland
The Medina of Tunis, Tunisia

I've got a lot of catching up to do since I have only seen 16 out of 911 sites...
Fingers crossed I can sneak away this year and see one ... great motivation for the travel savings fund!

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  1. It's a great list Emma! Just found your blog and love it.
    Happy New Year! oh and Happy travelling of course :))

  2. It is a cool list...Cuba looks really interesting:)

  3. Oh so interesting!! My husband is a soldier & has been to East Timor twice on deployment, not exactly site seeing, but we go to all sorts of UN & recovered-from-war sites around the world. Timor looks pretty amazing, we lived in Darwin twice, that was probably simliar & safer!! Love Posie

  4. I just found your blog too...a great list! I would add Shibam, Yemen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shibam). But that's just me :)

  5. Bern is on my bucket list too. It looks so beautiful doesn't it?? Happy New Year.


    The Cheeky Cafe

  6. What a great idea! And there are so many sites on the list it would take years to accomplish - what a great way to travel!


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