Distracting Myself...

 It is no secret that I am quite partial to a good old room rearrange, especially when I should be working instead...

This weekend was no exception. 
I was in a bedroom rut so I decided to empty, move, and restock these 2 huge bookcases from either side of my French doors to behind my bed ...
Jeepers, my Dad has a lot of cricket books ... and of course they are predominantly green so they definitely had to be turned around so the pages were facing out instead...

So, now I'm sleeping in a library ... which I kind of like! 
All those great writers sending me off to sleep each night is a comforting thought...
Then, right on cue, Mr H jumped up onto my neatly made bed - he loves having his photo taken...

Photos by me x


  1. Wow, that worked out well! Though I hope your dreams consist of more than just cricket :)

    P.S. Handsome dog!

  2. What a brilliant idea putting the bookshelves behind the bed - love how it looks.


  3. i love what you did!!! books to me are the perfect way to warm any space, seriously perfect. they are never dated or drab, they are always interesting. love mr. h too! ;)

  4. This looks awesome... I love a good bookshelf!

    Lovely blog by the way :)

  5. Your wowwow is so sweet !

  6. a wonderful dog!!! GGLG Kathrin


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