Kitchen Loveliness ...

Is it just me, or do my fellow bloggers also get giddy with excitement when they find a digital copy of a photo they have had a hard copy of for years??
I'm not that savvy with a scanner, obviously!

I have had this photo of a very favourite kitchen in my Beautiful House file for a few years now... how lovely to be able to post it...

Note to self - buy artichoke globes - fabulous prop xx


  1. Yes, I get the same feeling. I found an old scrapbook I thought I had lost. It was full of decorating inspiration.

  2. I agree this shot is fabulous, love it!:))

  3. I love the idea of a big comfortable chair in the kitchen!

  4. Absolutely! I found an old disk with a bunch of images from 2006 a couple of weeks ago & was elated. Hope you had a fabulous holiday.


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