Pancakes ...

I have a dreadfully familiar habit of calling most people darling... shouldn't this therefore equate to more pancakes??

Happy V day, dear friends xx


  1. We can all dream I guess. ;-)

  2. I think I'd start saying darling to everyone if I was promised pancakes! :) Melissa

  3. Most likely! Enjoy your pancakes :).

  4. ha! I should see more pancake action too in that case xox

  5. when my toddler was younger, she heard my grandmother call my mother, "darling" and it stuck w/ my little one. she's called my mom, "darling" ever since. it's quite funny and a cute, original name for grandma. and so, when i saw this image a while back, i sent it to my mom and she printed it out and put it in a little silver frame and put it in her hutch in the kitchen.


While of course I appreciate your generous comments, please don't feel obliged ... just having you stop by is lovely enough!

Happy day dear friends xx