Typography ...

Last week I posted this gorgeous hand-drawn Mermaid script and have had numerous requests as to where it could be bought... so, in the interest of research, I have spent the morning trawling through the back links to find the illustrator...
This talented bloke is called John Contino, a NY illustrator. Here are some more examples of his work ... I simply adore all of it!


  1. oooh i do too! I would love to have a few of these up on the office wall!
    they are very cool!

  2. I love typography but prefer doing things by hand because I'm not all that savvy on the computer. I make calligrams which are pictures made up of words but I don't use the computer until I'm ready to load the art into my Etsy shop. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing your appreciation of art and words. Love it!


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