Thankyou, thankyou to all who have entered our first little W&W competition...!
It is lovely to have a big run of 'likes', I must admit...

Now, I've drawn the lucky winner using a random number generator... who is number 12??

And the mystery prize??
 A fabulously gorgeous Manifest Destiny candle, available exclusively in Australia through W&W!

We were just tickled pink to receive our shipment this week and are delighted to be able to finally share this simply gorgeous product with you all... they have the most unique and interesting scents and we love the old school feeling that we like to convey with all of our stock...

The entire line will be available in the shop hopefully any day now ... and in the meantime we will happily have the giant box of them providing such a beautiful scent in our house!

Thankyou again, dear friends, for all your support and enthusiasm in our exciting venture... it means the world to both Mum and I xx

Happy Friday!


  1. Fabulous, these will be ready just in time for Mum's birthday. Brilliant!

  2. Thanks so much Em - how very cool! I never win anything!! :)


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Happy day dear friends xx